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About us is a Property Management System which has been created to offer a complete solution for any type of property
Whether your property is a small hostel, a B&B, a boutique hotel or a large hotel chain, 5starDesk is the perfect solution for you!
Using our system, you can easily manage your property’s rooms, your bookings and most of your reception activities.

Our facilities

Channel manager

5starDesk is already integrated with some of the largest OTAs in the industry (including and
A 2-way connection which will keep your prices and availability updated 24/7 and bring all of your bookings (from different OTAs or other sources) at the same place – your 5starDesk account

Connected Channels

Room management

Our system allows you to configure your account in accordance with your own needs!
You can add a new room, you can modify an existing room or you can simply remove rooms from your account.
Also, in the case of maintenance, you can set a room as “unavailable for the moment”.

Booking management

Easily check and manage all of your booking.
You can modify or cancel a booking anytime, according with your guests requirements!

Guest management

With 5starDesk, guests evidence is easier than ever before!
Get access to a complete database of your guests.
Knowing every guest’s preferences and behaviors will help you to know them better than ever before!

Online booking engine

5starDesk Widget helps you to receive bookings through your own website.
The prices and the availability will be always updated on your website.
Even more, our commission for these direct bookings is 0 (zero).
Your guests will pay 100% of the room’s rate directly to you!

Seasonal prices

Whether your property has a year-round activity, or a seasonal activity, whether you prefer different prices for different days of the week, 5starDesk allows you to customize and set the prices according to your own pricing strategy!

Multiple reports

All the reports you might need, 5starDesk is ready to generate them for you!
Rooms occupancy, bookings, revenues and other more!

Email alerts to hotel manager!

Using our system, you don’t need anymore to call at your reception and ask for details!
Simply set up your 5starDesk account to send you a notification for every important action, such as a new check-in, a new booking or a new cash income.

Multiple email alerts to your customers

You can send emails to your guests, or you can simply set up your 5starDesk to do it by himself!
It was never easier to say “Thank you for choosing us!” to you guests.
Your own imagination is the limit of 5starDesk!

Custom accounts for each receptionist

Creating an individual 5starDesk account for every individual receptionist will help you to know exactly which one of your employee has checked-in a specific guest, charged a specific amount of money and much more!

Invoicing and Bills Management

Whether you prefer electronic invoices or printed invoices, our property management allows you to send personalized invoices to your guests as easier as ever before!

Accepting different payment methods

Even if your guest will pay by cash or by credit/debit card, even if your guest has already payed to a third party and only use a booking voucher or a payment proof at your reception, 5starDesk can deal with any situation!

Add, remove or modify taxes and fees

VAT, city tax (where applicable) or any other fees and taxes can be easily added, modified or removed in accordance with your national or local laws and regulations


Forget about printed check-in forms!
From now on, the whole check-in process will be 100% paperless!
Even more, at your own choice and according to your needs, you can set up your 5starDesk account to send specific information to specific departments or authorities in charge (accountant, Local Police, National Institute of Statistics and so on)

5starDesk assistance whenever you need

You can contact us anytime you want, for any questions you have and one of our team members will help you out!

Compatible with all devices

Whether you use a laptop, a tablet or a phone, 5starDesk is compatible with your device
so you always benefit from all the features of our software!


1.5 /room/month

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